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Walnuts (Akhrot) Premium Grade A


Healthy Nutmix Premium Quality


Fig 250gm & Walnuts 250gm (Grade A) Combo

913.00 750.00

Cashew W240 250gm & Almonds 250gm ( Grade A)

800.00 700.00

Fig / Anjeer Grade B


California Almonds Grade B


Cashews w320 Grade A


Black Raisins Grade A Seeded


Apple Brand Kashmir Origin Saffron 1gm

385.00 320.00

Barari Dates Branched Tunisian ( with stem ) 500gm

350.00 290.00

SAFAWI DATES (ARSH international ) 400gm

510.00 449.00

Premium Ajwa Dates, 400gms Box

1,199.00 999.00

Dates Barari – Branched Tunisian ( with stem ) 250gm

250.00 179.00

Honey with Amla 10Rs pack Offer Price

10.00 1.00

Dried Mango 200gm

400.00 285.00

Melon Seeds Premium Quality 200gm

145.00 99.00

Star Seed / Annasipoo Premium Quality 100gm

180.00 125.00

Dried Pineapple Premium Quality 200gm

325.00 255.00

Dried Cranberry Premium Quality 200gm

350.00 270.00

Khus Khus / Poppy Seeds Premium Quality 75gm

120.00 105.00

Dried Pineapple Coin Premium Quality 200gm

255.00 220.00

Arabian Dates Black Grade A Seeded 250gm

150.00 121.00

Salted Pistachios Grade B


Original KIMIA DATES 500gm – regular quality

225.00 190.00

Dried Dates Grade A 250gm

220.00 180.00

Super Gold Chekku Cold Pressed Coconut Oil 200ML

65.00 60.00

Super Gold Cold Pressed Groundnut Oil 500ML

140.00 130.00

Walnuts Whole Inshell 500gm

900.00 499.00

Dried Pitted Turkish Apricots 200gm

210.00 170.00

Indian Raisins / Kishmish Grade A 50gm(Deal Price)

55.00 1.00

Honey with Amla ( 180gm )

75.00 49.00

REGENCY Prunes – Pitted, Dried Plum, 240 g

250.00 210.00

Dried Strawberries Premium Quality 200gm

399.00 279.00

King Solomon Medjoul Natural Dates, 500g

990.00 825.00

Munakka – Brown Raisins 200gm – Grade A

310.00 195.00

Dried Kiwi 100gm – grade A

120.00 85.00
Eat Healthy and be healthy

Why Choose Dry Fruits Home ?

Do you know, the best quality dry fruits and nuts harvested in India are exported to foreign countries and only the left overs are sold in Indian market?
Then how will you get the complete health benefits of the nuts and dry fruits you buy? And if we dont get the benefits then what is the use of buying it at all!
Dry Fruits Home purchases the high quality and export quality dry fruits , nuts & spices directly from the farmers and provide them to you. Thus the products we delivered are all fresh and healthy and without any adulteration.
Our motto is to provide the best quality product and service to all our customers so that the health benefits are complete.
The products ordered will be delivered within 3 to 5 working days across India.
Order through us and get the best quality dry fruits, nuts and spices delivered directly to your home and enjoy its complete benefits!!
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